After many years of sitting on a psychologist’s couch, I was apprehensive to try again however, I knew there was a reason to. The day I walked into Allyn’s office my life changed forever. I started by saying “I have been in therapy my whole life and still feel I can’t get over things that happened long ago. I need to be challenged and pushed.” She offered me the opportunity to do coaching. I was a little unsure at first. It was a huge investment but I knew I needed to take charge of my life and what I had done for years wasn’t working. I dove right in and it was the BEST decision that I’ve made. Allyn changed me and asked me to dig deep. It was hard and painful at times but I learned to forgive and love myself. Most importantly, I learned to say No to others, since I always said Yes in order to be liked and valued. I learned to say Yes to myself and to what I want and need. Now I enjoy life more.

I met with Allyn for coaching, and the assistance she provided was immeasurable. I was trying to figure out what I wanted my work/life balance to look like; what core values I truly had; and how to make my personal and business decisions reflect these values. In implementing decisions that reflected my values, she guided me in feeling confident and firm when I needed to be and helped me to remember to refrain from sacrificing myself. Together we identified areas of my life that brought negativity and came up with effective solutions. We came up with strategies to reduce my anxiety and make me feel more in control of my life. My relationships and my business are significantly better from the work Allyn and I did together.

Mindful Eating Training Testimonials

Allyn is very compassionate, insightful, supportive, and helpful.  The group experience is powerful as is the feedback that comes from group members.  Allyn’s facilitation is excellent.

Kay A.

This is the only program that has enabled me to relinquish food as the central theme for me.

Anne P.
Slimworks® taught me that I can trust myself and my body to know what it needs.
Beth R.
This was the best learning experience on changing the way I think and interact with food. If you’re ready to make serious life changes, this is a wonderful way to get the tools you need to be a new and better you!
Sarah L.